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Our goal is to provide you with all the retail activation services you may require. Let us do all the hard work so you can concentrate on other things. Have a browse of what we can do for you below.

Typical materials:

Paper, card, foamcore, fabric, plastics, backlit film

Standard finishes:

Gloss, matte, satin, embossed, textured



Standard Production Timelines*:

5-6 weeks delivered via sea freight from China

2-3 weeks delivered via air freight from China

1-3 weeks delivered produced locally

One of the oldest services that we provide with the most advanced technology available. The humble print.

Needless to say, we populate all our displays with the required printed elements, but outside of displays we also produce posters, booklets, pamphlets, shelf strips, wobblers, light-box inserts, dress-up kits and various other printed items.






*Production timings are indicative only and are based on our standard service. Exact timelines may vary slightly depending on the nature of a job.
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